Anne Foley’s recipe for home-made Irish scones

Anne Foley is house manager at Inchiquin House. Her scones have been savoured by countless Irish and overseas guests over the years. A simple tradition that Anne prepares for Irish Landmarkers without a second thought. Yet one that is deeply symbolic of an Ireland of a thousand welcomes where great pride is placed on nurturing visitors to the home.

Anne follows her recipe for scones through a familiar rhythmic motion. She has no need to consult the required ingredients or quantities written down. Familiarity guides her baking and she can recount the recipe through touch and sight alone. 

These scones await in a kitchen that is equipped to standards that will please the most discerning of chefs. Choose ceremony and splendid display by serving meals in the formal dining room. Or, if the weather permits, guests can dine al fresco around the rustic garden table. With accommodation available for ten guests, this is an idyllic location for loved ones to gather, to celebrate occasion and to mark long standing friendships. 

Here lies the house you have been waiting to discover to organise an upcoming reunion, a special birthday, a book club getaway, or a Christmas and Easter getaway dinner. Following on from Anne’s spirit for sharing, we print her recipe for Irish scones here so that any reader with a longing for an Irish scone can sample their own slice of Inchiquin House.