Help us raise the final €50,000 to complete works at Killee Cottage


Killee Cottage

Killee Cottage, Mitchelstown, Co.Cork


Killee Cottage is located just outside Mitchelstown in County Cork. It is a perfect example of the vernacular farm cottage once typical of the South of Ireland but now disappearing. It was originally a two roomed labourer’s cottage tied to the Montgomery Estate. (Field Marshal Montgomery’s family). It was later extended as the house became linked to a small farm. Irish Landmark has been offered this cottage by the owner’s family, with the opportunity to retain it with its original features, and maintain it by letting our guests enjoy the rare experience of staying under a thatched roof. Internally the cottage has altered little since its construction in the early 19th century.

With the support of grants from the IGS and Cork County Council towards the cost of re-thatching, Killee Cottage, was saved from complete loss in 2016. When re-thatching began in June 2016, the condition of the existing thatch was found to be so poor that it was unlikely the thatch would have lasted much longer. It was brittle and mostly rotten with a build-up of layer upon layer of thatch.

In 2019 Irish Landmark applied directly to the Department of Culture Heritage and the Gaeltacht for capital funding. We were awarded a grant of €40,000 for Killee Cottage.    As is the case with all grants, ‘match funding’ is required. In this case, Irish Landmark already has €20k available.  However, the total cost to finish this project is €110k.  An additional €50k now would ensure the project was finished.    This funding would enable services to be installed, internal repairs to be completed and the cottage made ready for letting by the end of the year.   Killee Cottage has planning permission. Our plans are complete; we are, as they say, “shovel-ready”,

We are asking our friends and supporters to help us to bridge this gap in funding.

Every donation however small, will be welcome and help us to upgrade the services, install a bathroom and kitchen – even the most dedicated heritage devotees need their creature comforts – but as is seen from our many other projects, we will carefully retain the historic character of the house.