Stay with Irish Landmark for the Causeway Coast Marathon 2019

Blackhead Lightkeeper Houses

For those of you who might like to consider combining an Irish Landmark experience with a cutting edge and scenically stunning adventure, our top suggestion is the Causeway Coast Marathon 2019.  The event takes place in Antrim on 29 September 2019 so there is still plenty of time to work towards a long term ambition.   This is one of the most scenic marathons in the world.  It has options for an ‘ultra’ distance of 60km alongside the standard 10km, marathon and half-marathon distances.

The route is in close proximity to many of our Irish Landmark properties – the lightkeepers’ houses at Blackhead, Barbican in Glenarm, Magherintemple Lodge in Ballycastle, Drum Gatelodge and Kiln Wing in Bushmills.   Even Ballealy Cottage at Shane’s Castle estate is within reasonable distance.

The Causeway Coast Marathon is a very inspiring challenge for your diary.  It is unusual for marathons to be removed from the backdrop of city and integrated so intimately with sand, cliff, sea and stone.   If you are someone who enjoys the challenge of a long hike, are a keen marathon enthusiast or extreme running distances are a challenge you relish – then this event might be just right for you.    A magical power emanates from the land, raising endurance and perseverance levels, as though feeding off the landscape.   This is a true testament to the power of nature with beauty waiting to support tired bodies around every corner.   Rarely are marathon runners afforded the opportunity to run so close to the ocean.