A no-fuss Christmas with Irish Landmark

In the past, Irish Landmark House Managers used to kindly put up decorations and fairy lights to greet our guests arriving for Christmas. However, this resulted in interesting feedback. Many of those choosing to rest with us at this time of year were on a mission to enjoy the holiday in a non-traditional way and to have a quiet, neutral space where they could rest without interruption.

Now, our properties are left as a blank slate so that guests arriving at this time of the year can opt to completely avoid tradition and experiment by creating their own type of atmosphere.  Some guests source natural winter decorations from the local woodland or tap into the locality to source an alternative type of celebratory feast such as duck, pheasant or chestnuts to roast.

If you are someone with any inkling for a gentle escape route this Christmas or New Year’s or someone with a dream of a romantic getaway without interruption, please do not hesitate to contact

We have some specific date stipulation for Christmas and New Year arrivals but this is only to make sure that everyone is safely tucked up and settled on the 23rd December and the 30th December. This way everyone can fully unwind and maximise on very well-deserved time off. Please contact us in the office if you would like to discuss our remaining packages.

May we wish all of you a sense of space, gratitude and calm over these December days.