Spring into Summer with Irish Landmark

Summer seems so far off right now.  It has been a long dark unpredicatable winter. Every now and then, glimmers of spring came tantalisingly close only to face combat and assault by the bitter cold. The arrival of raging snow storms cast the final straw for the foot soldiers of spring. Daffodils and crocuses fought bravely to put their joyful message out there but ultimately faced cruel annihilation.

Many people feel like hedgehogs waking up from a deep winter slumber but still unsure about venturing too far. Somewhere over these snow filled days a lazy, unmotivated mist descended and and there was a sense of wondering if we can ever get going again. Nature may have thrown a snow curve ball at us but it equally offered a rest, fun in the snow and a majestic visual of a country at peace. All lasting scenes in our memory which capture the power and spirit of nature. However, the snow has now melted. The lock-down is over. Many bulbs have done their best to cling on.  It is time now to wake up and start the process of rejuvenation. To pull us through this slump, it is helpful to daydream about longer days and guaranteed time outdoors.

Irish Landmark Trust properties share a very special position with nature. By planting our heads and hearts firmly in summer, it is possible to imagine warm long weekends coming and the glorious opportunities an extra stretch of time provides. For the May and June Bank holidays, Irish Landmark is encouraging family and friends to consider a nature escape. We still have some very special properties available for the approaching long weekends. We are always happy to discuss what options might best suit you, your friends and your family to truly get away from it all.  It might not feel like your holiday is anything but a relaxing indulgence, but when you stay in an Irish Landmark property, you’re part of a community that’s keeping heritage alive.