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Staying at an Irish Landmark

Irish Landmark TrBallealy Cottage exteriorust recently received a lovely email from Katrine Nyland Sørensen about her family’s trip from Copenhagen to Ballealy Cottage in Co. Antrim.

“The children still dream about the Ulster Fry each morning, the bath tub, the heavy duvets, the roaring fire and didn’t even complain that it was raining all the time and there was no Wi-Fi .   We are planning to go back to Ballealy Cottage later this year. And this time, the kids want to stay for two weeks ”

Something truly special happens at the beginning of summer where the past, the present and the future have the potential to collide. By recalling the summers of our youth and savouring the memories of our holidays, we awaken a childlike sense of pleasure and freedom that can help to carry us through our day. Equally, we can rest in the moment.  Summer time offers a vital opportunity to press pause on our internal auto pilot. This enables us to become more conscious of the moment and to cherish new experiences and adventures as they unfold. It is an interesting balance that we can also enjoy a sense of planning and future orientated joys, as we look forward to our holidays, our day-trips and to the events and activities that we have plotted for the weeks ahead. We can feel the sun on our back, taste the guilt free ice-cream and make plans for new experiences both close to home and further afield.

Summer holidays have been described elsewhere as ‘happiness anchors’ in that they achieve the duality of grounding us in the moment but equally transporting us into the future, armed with a bank of enduring and long lasting memories.  We really hope all readers and supporters of Irish Landmark Trust have the chance to lower their anchors into a deep bed of happiness this summer and wish you all well with your upcoming leisurely pursuits.

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