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School’s out!

School’s out for summer and Irish Landmark extends a very special welcome to the many children who will visit our properties this summer.

George Orwell once described how ‘to see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle’. As busy families plan the next eight weeks of school holidays, we promote our properties as a wonderfully rich and culturally stimulating experience for children and families alike. Many of our properties are positioned within easy geographic reach, reducing the stress of long distance travel for parents with small children.

Many families have enjoyed our accommodations for get-togethers, reunions or as a half-way meeting spot. Everyone has experienced that nerve shattering realisation when hosting a party or family occasion when there is simply not enough chairs or glasses or cutlery to go around.  Irish Landmark has properties that offer accommodation for eight or ten guests (or even up to sixteen if you book all three houses at Blackhead) which means that cousins, parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents can gather together with enough space to welcome everyone to the table. You simply arrive at one of our properties to find a home away from home, but one which is ready for the whole family!

Children too can enjoy the freedom of exploring old buildings through traditional games such as hide and seek and treasure hunts where there is a sense of encouragement to touch and experience the existing artefacts. This type of intimate experience can be difficult to achieve in a museum or art gallery where energies need to be contained and monitored.

It can be difficult to locate holiday destinations offering child friendly environments that equally cultivate a historic and cultural conversation for the entire family. When given the option, children and young adults may not always seem enthused at the thoughts of engaging with history. Initially, they may express anxiety at the lack of television sets or the thoughts of being unable to access screens and Wi-Fi. However, feedback from our guests continuously paints a picture of young people truly engaging with our historic spaces, adapting very quickly to the solace and finding a multitude of creative ways to occupy themselves. Board games and conversations around the fire or at the kitchen table stimulate a feeling of togetherness, generate an ability to switch off and to rely solely on the comfort and company of friends and family and help create a deep-rooted connection for the year ahead.

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