Become an Irish Landmarker and help rescue old buildings from ruin

How often do we walk around our local environments and take for granted the structures that we see? When we see decay, dilapidation, ruin, it may seem sad, an eye sore, a health and safety issue but the tendency to keep walking is a natural one. We assure ourselves that taking care of an old building is someone else’s job or we immediately think of more pressing societal issues which desperately need our attention. How can we justify helping old buildings when so many people are without a home? Bricks and mortar, property, ownership, walls, roofs, homes, a place to rest, a sense of belonging are all wrapped up in our identity and form essential components of our make-up. Every time, we pass a neglected building and a derelict site, we should acknowledge the lack of promise, the failed potential and remember that by essentially saving buildings we sow the seeds to improve society from a historical, cultural and social perspective.

We know there are a multitude of causes that guests of Irish Landmark Trust are supporting. However, if you are someone who finds you have a little extra give left in you, we always welcome people who are interested in joining a community that is dedicated to protecting historical structures and assisting neglected buildings. For contributions of €150, €300 and €500 you can become an Irish Landmarker and help us continue to save buildings such as the magnificent Salterbridge Gate Lodge in Cappoquin, Co.Waterford. The visual power of where financial contributions go is dramatically captured in these before and after images of restoration work.


We have a myriad of properties that desperately need our attention, including the potentially splendid Saunderscourt Gate Lodges at Crossabeg in Co. Wexford. Here, a small grant enabled us to stabilise the building to prevent it falling into further disrepair. The before and after images of the first phase of assistance capture the painstakingly subtle but essential rescue efforts that you can be part of. It would be wonderful to welcome you on this restorative journey so if you are interested in supporting this work, please contact our CEO, Mary O’Brien, at