Aspirations for 2017

How has January passed for you? Have you embarked on the new chapters promised for 2017? January can get a bad press. It feels like a month created to survive versus a month designed to live. Resolutions can be cruel at a time when the weather is bleak and the days are short. For this reason, we at Irish Landmark Trust have created some simple aspirations to guide you in 2017, all with our properties in mind. These aspirations have been created for our future guests to feel good about themselves as opposed to setting any standard or resolution, which might be doomed to failure. 

Check out Irish Landmark Trust’s Aspirations for 2017 

Aspiration One: Select an interesting personality and let the blaze of their historic path guide your trip.

Aspiration Two: Visit somewhere in Ireland that you have always meant to go and never have.

Aspiration Three: Be brave in your travels. 

Aspiration Four: Read more poetry.