Aspiration Two: Visit somewhere in Ireland that you have always meant to go and never have. 

We have all experienced that conversation where you say ‘I really must try and get there’ or when an overseas visitor’s favourite place in Ireland is somewhere you haven’t been. Sometimes when we travel, our inclination is to spend hours in the car or to create grandiose plans to be achieved. One of the joys of Irish Landmark Trust is that we host simple sights hiding local gems. Exploring the banks of the Liffey might not be one of the great wonders of the world but actually who says it can’t be?  Remember attractions close to home can often be overlooked. A stay in Batty Langley Lodge in Leixlip, for example, affords the opportunity to experience glorious river Liffey walks and a chance to meander through the very special surrounds of Castletown House.  There is also the Castletown Gate House and the Castletown Round House to stay in, all of which offer the potential for you to put a big family invite out and stay at different points around the estate.