Conversations by the Fire

Surely there is nothing more soothing and restorative than lighting the fire? A simple ritual that immediately induces a sense of calm. The opportunity to feel that fireglorious flickering light, hear the joyous crackling and experience the warmth and smells of that distinct fire-side smell all come as part of the package in most of our properties. It might seem like a very simple activity to advertise but in our busy lives, the simple joy of lighting a fire can be forgotten or pushed to the side.

For those of you enthusiastic about wood or open to understanding more about the very soul of your fire, we strongly recommend acquiring a copy of the cult book Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking and Drying Wood The Scandinavian Way by Lars Mytting.

Speaking of fires, here is a short clip of Richard McMinn, the current fourth generation owner of Tullymurry House, sitting by the old hearth recollecting a memory he has of being a small boy in his grandmother’s kitchen. Richard remembers his grandmother doing all the cooking on her open fire and vividly recalls the sights and sounds of the insects housed in the cinders of the fire waiting to take advantage of any spillages from the pots of potatoes.