Falling asleep under the beams of a lighthouse…

St Johns Lighthouse - Co Down -4“The country road narrows towards the end of the peninsula, trees disappear, and as we curve around the last bend, the lighthouse comes into view, a tall yellow-and -black striped tower watching over the sea…”

These are the words of the travel writer Yvonne Gordon in last weekend’s The Guardian. She describes a visit and overnight stay in one of our beautiful cottages at St John’s Point Lighthouse, Co. Down.

“In our cosy two-bedroom house under the lighthouse tower there’s plenty of maritime paraphernalia – on windowsills there are lighthouse books, plus binoculars, an old sextant and a barometer. The house is bright and simply furnished, with sea-green doors and other features keeping to the nautical feel.”

You can read the full article here and if this has made you want to fall asleep under the beams of a lighthouse you can find more details here.