Irish Landmark Trust and National Heritage Week

Heritage Week 2016

Children exploring Clomantagh Castle during Heritage Week!

As part of National Heritage Week, we opened the doors to a selection of our historic properties, offering visitors a special opportunity to explore our unique holiday homes. Generally, it is only the overnight guest who experiences the warmth, beauty and cultural significance of our accommodations. However, on Sunday the 28th August 2016, reservations for fifteen properties were put on hold and heritage visitors were invited to walk, roam and observe the impact of restoration on these wonderful examples of Ireland’s built inheritance.

Heritage Week 2016

Young boy enjoying the beautiful grounds and surroundings of Clomantagh Castle!

Each Irish Landmark property is assigned it’s own individual House Manager . These are the people who meet you on site and who settle you into your property when you come to stay. Open days could not happen without the enthusiasm and commitment of this dedicated team of House Managers. In many of the properties open to visitors for Heritage Week, the fires were lit, the kettles were on, home-made treats were supplied and personal tours of the restored guest houses were offered.
This style of open days encourages heritage to be a lived experience and welcomes visitors of all ages to engage with the past. Many people who visited our properties on the 28th August had the opportunity to explore surrounding orchards and woods, to get close to neighbouring wildlife such as seals and horses, to weave spiral staircases, to clamber to the top of lighthouses and to manouevre the charming idiosyncratic nooks and crannies familiar to guests of Irish Landmark.

One of the greatest joys of a day visit to an Irish Landmark  property is the sense of cultural experience it creates in oneself. Much like both the shared and personal experience one has when immersed in the spaces of Ireland’s famed galleries, a stay at one of our properties evokes a similar cultural and educational experience, both from the property itself and the wonderful storytelling of our property managers.


Northern Ireland properties on view THIS Sunday the 11th September

The good news for those of you that missed this open day in August, is the fastly approaching date for European Heritage Open Days on the 11th of September 2016 when the following Northern Ireland properties will be open for public viewings. This will make a wonderful day trip for families and offers a real chance to explore Irish Landmark properties that you may wish to book for future holidays.