New Property

Newmills Corn and Flax mills photo from their Facebook page 200 wideAny of our supporters aware of the heritage work we undertake in Irish Landmark Trust, know that we rescue less obvious but important built structures in danger of extinction. We feel passionately about preserving as much as we can so we are very excited that we will soon be able to offer guests a chance to stay at a restored corn mill in Northern Ireland.

As an island, Ireland has a rich agricultural history with the first known water mills dating back to the 3rd century. These once loved, functioning buildings often fall into rack and ruin due to changing political, economic and social challenges that have faced villages and towns over the years, from the Great Irish Famine to Corn Laws and the availability of cheaper mass produced corn imported from overseas. Heritage Ireland is involved with the preservation of Newmills Corn and Flax mills in County Donegal, which is one of the largest still working watermills in the country and is open to visitors.

From this Autumn, Irish Landmark Trust will be able to offer guests the opportunity to stay in a restored corn mill in Northern Ireland. We can’t give you any specific information yet but rest assured it is in a beautiful part of the country, with plenty to do and no, you won’t have to grind your own corn for baking but there will be a nice kitchen if the baking humour takes you. We will keep you posted on developments!