dracula-classic-scaled 200 heightIt may be too soon to say Spring is here but there is certainly a calm between storms. Here in Ireland the weather is something we discuss very frequently and recently more so than ever with the unusual levels of stormy winds experienced around the island. Lighthouses and stormy seas have been a source of inspiration for many creatives over the years featuring in stories like The Wizard of Oz and Dracula and paintings by Paul Henry and J.M.W. Turner for example.

It is really spectacular to witness a stormy sea – ideally from the comfort and warmth of your own home if you happen to be lucky enough to have a sea view. If the idea of a sea view appeals, you could always rent one of our sea based properties. We have a lighthouse in Wicklow, light-keepers’ cottages in Cork, Clare and Antrim along with a period house in Donegal.

So if you fancy a getaway to enjoy a real fire, tea and scones and perhaps a good book, why not have a look through our property pages. Here are some of the comments we have received recently from guests who sheltered from the storms in our properties.

‘…Driving up to the property is impressive, it’s definitely a landmark! …the weather was typical for the time of year, which was a perfect excuse to sit beside the fire with a good book and relax.’

‘…The weather was terrible, really windy and rainy but it made our weekend all the cosier! We spent our time in front of the wood burning stove, reading and listening to music.’

‘In the depths of winter with gale force winds outside Batty Langley lodge proved to be a cosy charming idyll away from it all.’

‘We stayed in Galley Head during the recent storms that battered Ireland. We saw first hand what a force of nature the sea and the wind are…We loved every minute of it…Even though the winds howled outside the house felt so solid and secure.’

‘…We hoped for bad weather and we certainly got that. The howling wind and lashing rain outside, made it all the more cosy inside…The views around the cliffs are just gorgeous and a photographer’s dream!’