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The Mall, Cork

Once one of a number of bothies stretching along this quiet country lane, The Mall and its neighbour are now the only two thatched cottages remaining.  The boundary of this property ends at a small stream and there is a large garden with endless views stretching over the neighbouring fields.

Originally The Mall was probably a lobby entry one or two roomed labourer’s dwelling that was tied to the Montgomery Estate (Field Marshall Montgomery’s family).  Later it was extended towards the river to provide a bedroom for the expanding family and farm economy as the cottage became linked to a small farm of approximately 12 acres.

The present owner was bought up in this cottage – one of six people to live under its roof – and it is a record of a way of life that is vanishing from Ireland’s history.  The Irish Landmark Trust has made a visual and written record of the interior of this property as an important document recording the social change that has happened over the last fifty years.

Work has begun at the cottage restoring the sash windows and researching its history to inform the final layout for guests.  When finished the property will sleep two people in a double bedroom with a large kitchen with doors into the garden beyond.



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